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Coffee is Uganda’s most exported commodity, with over 5 million bags of coffee exported in the 2019 – 2020 season, a record for the country. With over 500,000 coffee farmers in Uganda and an ideal climate and altitudes to cultivate coffee, there is immense opportunity for the coffee industry to continue growing and providing an income and livelihood for thousands of families.

Robusta makes up most of Uganda’s export volume, and grows around most regions in the country, including the Lake Victoria Crescent. Arabica coffee, which requires higher altitudes to flourish, grows mainly in the east in the Mount Elgon region (near the Kenyan border), in the Rwenzori mountains region bordering the Democratic Republic of Congo, and in areas around the West Nile region, such as Arua. Arabica coffee makes up around 20% of Uganda’s coffee exports.

Ugandan coffee is growing in popularity within the specialty coffee community, with more and more roasters, baristas and coffee lovers appreciating the wide range of flavour profiles of Ugandan Arabicas. Ugandan Robustas are a popular choice for producing excellent coffee blends, and a popular choice for soluble coffee.

UCDA Uganda Map Coffee Arabica Robusta

Source: UCDA

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